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CN3722 MPPT Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller

تومان 280000
:Specifications Input voltage 18V nominal solar panels (no load about 21V solar panels) Output voltage Output voltage: 2-4 series lithium

Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank

تومان 110000
Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger PCB Power Module Accessories For Phone DIY New LED


تومان 110000
شارژ کنترلر باتری لیتیوم 3Cell

Lithium battery charge control IC with protection – microUSB connector 1-Cell

تومان 18000
Input port with micro USB female, can directly use mobile charger for input to the lithium battery,and still retain the


تومان 185000
PD protocol of QC3.0 fast charging motherboard. Circuit board size: 70 23mm. Output 2 (Blue USB): 5V-3A 9V-2A 12V-1.5A. Android

TP5100 1S/2S Li-ion Battery Charger

تومان 55000
TP5100 is a step-down switching double 8.4V / 4.2V single lithium battery charge … TP5100 having a wide input voltage 5V-18V, the battery

ماژول شارژر باتری لیتیومی

تومان 7000
Charging mode: linear charging 1% Charging current: 1A Adjustable Charge accuracy: 1.5% Input voltage: 4.5V-5.5V Full charging voltage: 4.2V Charging